lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

End of the Summer...

It´s been really hard to sit down and start blogging again. After the summer holidays, the first week back at work has been really tiring - not because of the classes since there have been none yet but because of the September resits and the various teachers´meetings.

Next week the classes will officially start and that will be a different story so here I am warming-up: my first post this school year. And let´s make it positive...

First of all, the video of the Black Tie Beach 2012, an event organised by Improv Everywhere. This was their Third Annual celebration. In case you are wondering, the participants were asked to wear old and used clothes, so many of them got them at thrift shops. It was quite a big group of people of all ages and they spent the afternoon laying out, playing games, swimming...Here´s an anecdote of the event: at the end of the video they interview a man who says he is happy and he likes the idea because  they make everybody happy; this is how the organizer of the prank explains their meeting: 

I was delighted to run into the gentleman on the beach. He and I had a really fun encounter in the water at Black Tie Beach 2010, and he wound up being my favorite part of the video that year. He recognized me and came running towards me. He was excited to see us back at Coney Island and said he had seen himself in our YouTube video. He also told me that the photos he took of us that day were very popular on a number of Russian sites he sent them to. I told him that next year he has to participate with us, and he gave me his email address.

And now a commercial that will bring to your mind lots of memories of the summer. The Cultural Landscape of Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010 and this video tries to capture the spirit of the area and its lifestyle. The song is called "You can´t Say No Forever" and is performed by Lacrosse, a Swedish  pop band.

Click here to do some activities with the lyrics - excellent listening practice.


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