viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

September: Summer 2012, News Review

I asked my students to write about a piece of news that had been relevant during the summer; I was surprised by the great number of them who chose to write about the financial crisis in Spain and the VAT increase. I felt so sad; when you are 16 / 17 there should be many other things in your head. In fact, I expected to read about any of the following: 

Even if you are not a sports lover, there are so many interesting things related to the Olympic Games:

  • From the point of view of politics, consider this photo of Jordan Burroughs, from the USA, and Sadegh Goudarzi, from Iran. The American beat the Iranian in men’s 74kg freestyle wrestling; the photo proves the Olympic Games bring the world together like no other event.

  • From a sociological point of view, the role of children in the Olympic Games should be carefully considered: click here and here to read about how China trains its children to become olympic champions
  • From a sensitive point of view: this is how some Olympians´mothers see the games: 

2. Julian Assange : after two months in Ecuador´s London embassy, the Wikileaks founder was granted asylum by Ecuador.

3. A Piece of News from Spain that Went Viral: an Elderly Woman Ruins 19th Century Fresco in Restoration Attempt

By the way, did you know the woman is suing the church for royalties ?

4. Prince Harry : he proved that the famous slogan related to Las Vegas, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, is not true any more; so much so that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority decided to pay for this full-page ad on 27 August 2012

7. A brutal piece of news: Ruth and José Bretón disappeared in October last year but in summer 2012 his father was accused of  having murdered the two children. 

This photo shows a new initiative in the European Union called the NotFound Project is making the most of "404 -- Not Found"pages by using them to display missing child alerts from a constantly updated database. Good use of online real estate or inherently creepy.

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