martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Bullying: One More Tragedy

I just don´t understand bullying, I don´t understand the lack of respect, the non-appreciation of others... There is a golden rule as far as social relations are concerned: you should treat others as you would like to be treated. Period.

But things do not seem to work like this. Do you remember one post in this blog called "School is not a bed of roses for some students"? Well, here´s a similar story: Canadian Amanda Todd killed herself on October 10th (five days ago) after years of bullying and blackmail. She was 15. Everything started for her after a revealing photo of hers was passed around online. 

She made this video to let her story be known and then killed herself. (Since this is a blog for learners, just for this time, ignore the grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes she makes and focus on the content of her message)

Any comments? 

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  1. Celia Salvador Ríos17 octubre, 2012

    This is a very striking story, I'm really impressed. It sound like a film. I can´t beleive that there are somobody at the world who can live this experiencie without any kind of help... Where were her fathers when all began? Now, there are many teenagers who have a "secret" live, nobody know it and nobody can help them when they have problems. The tecnology destroy familiar comunication and if we don't know how use it can be dangerous, very dangerous... Now the teenagers don't trust in their parents and they are the people that stay with you in the dificult moments.

  2. Celia, you are right in many of the problems you mention: how the parents acted (or didn´t act) in this story, the "secret" lives of some teenagers, the wrong use of technology...

  3. Lucía Merino Piñeiro25 octubre, 2012

    I hadn't hear about Amanda's story until this morning in the English lesson. I have just watched the video and I am so shocked right now. Some people don't realize about the problems they can have in the future when they show their body to people they don't know. I think it was Amanda's case. There are lots of cruel and bad people in the world, and we have to be careful. High School is cruel too.
    In my opinion, if we have a problem, we shouldn't keep it four ourselves because problems are bigger and worse when we are lonely. Everything is always better if we trust in someone.
    Amanda's story is just an example. There are teenagers suffering bulling all over the world. Maybe we know someone that is living that and we don't know, or we prefer to don't know.
    I think it is a big thing to think over.

  4. Lucía, I agree with you: Amanda´s story should be used to start considering lots of things: the internet and how kids in their early teens can be influenced by it, the role of parents in relation to new technologies and social networks, bullying inside and outside the school...


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