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Restore Your Faith in Humanity

The two photographs below belong to an article published on Buzz Feed magazine; the article is entitled "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity"

This sign at an awesome bookshop.

Click here to see the complete article. Then you can do some optional homework: you can do one of the following
  • describe and explain one of the photos: remember to include the "basics": who, when, where, what, why, how. Imagine you are a reporter and must write an article for a magazine about that moment - you will have to use your imagination here...
  • choose your favourite piece of news , "moment" or photograph in the article and explain why you think it is the best one.
Ten of these moments are pictured in this video:

What would it take to restore your faith in humanity?
Maybe it's seeing someone pay it forward to a person they’ve never met.
Or seeing signs of generosity in places you thought were only interested in making money.
Maybe it’s seeing someone else who understands that it’s not always about winning.
Sometimes it’s just about helping someone else cross the finish line.
Maybe it’s something as simple as a smile.
Or a gift for someone in need.
Or an apology – and the relief that comes from it.
Maybe it’s seeing someone reach out across divisions, across cultures to find new friends.
Maybe it’s finding other people that realize just how silly the world can be sometimes.
Sometimes it helps to remember that there are good people out there.
People whose instinct it is to protect the weak and the helpless to be brave.
People who don’t hesitate to help a stranger even if it’s an inconvenience or dangerous or requires a bit of undressing in the process.
It helps to remember that this instinct spans generations.
That young people can act kindly without being told to and that old people will sometimes give their lives in order to spare the young.
Sometimes it just helps to remember that there is good in this world. Real, honest good

15 comentarios:

  1. Angela Lopez Barreira31 octubre, 2012

    The photo more impacting for me was the man helping the kittens during the flood in Cuttack city (India). I think this man was very kindly for help this little cat that maybe were on a tree or on a roof, trying not to die.
    The other images of people saving animals in danger were very emotive too, because the people were risking their lives to save an animal to die.

  2. Antón Rivas Dapena 1ºBAC02 noviembre, 2012

    My favourite photograph is the one where an athlete helps another to cross the finishing line, because it's great to see one person, without minding herself to win the race, helping another one. For her, it was more important help a person than win the race.

    1. Antón, I agree it is impressive to see such a gregarious attitude in someone, especially in a race.

  3. Catalina Román03 noviembre, 2012

    I chose a photo where there are two persons, one is an old man and the other person is a girl. He's wearing a red t-shirt, blue trousers and he's barefoot because he's taking his sandals; and she's wearing an old dress and she's barefoot. They are in Rio de Janeiro, probably in summer. We can see that the man is giving his shoes to the girl and perhaps she's crying. The point is that she's a homeless girl and, therefore, she's poor, and the man is a good person that helps her giving his shoes.

    1. So, Catalina, why have you chosen this photo? what exactly makes it special for you?

  4. Lucía Merino Piñeiro04 noviembre, 2012

    The picture of the dry cleaner is my favourite in the article. It makes me feel there are some good people left in the world. Unemployed people need to wear clean clothes when they have an interview and some of them can’t pay for it. Everybody deserves an opportunity in life but some people need help for it. Life leads us through unpredictable ways, we make mistakes and then we need a second chance. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. I think we should help people in problems, and give them another chance. We could be the one in problems once.

    1. Lucía, I agree with the first part of your comment but I don´t understand the relation between making mistakes and being unemployed...

    2. Lucía Merino05 noviembre, 2012

      I think I expressed myself in a bad way. What I wanted to say is that you can be unemployed because of a bad decission, a mistake or just because of life.

  5. Ángela, you surely feel something special for animals, naturalistic intelligence perhaps?

  6. Clara Reigosa04 noviembre, 2012

    My favourite piece of news is the one where says that Japan pensioners are volunteering to tackle the nuclear crisis at Fukushima power station. This piece of news shocked me because it´s amazing that people are able to give their lifes for their country and to help young people. This world is very selfish and it´s great to find some generous people in it.

    1. Clara, I was most impressed by this piece of news, too.

  7. Álvaro Gayoso13 noviembre, 2012

    My fauvorite photo in this video is where someone make a little present for a poor kid,his shoes.
    There are maybe more important photos in the video but I have choosen this one.It isn´t only because of the simply fact of the present.It´s because of the main meaning.Someone who is so unselfish,someone who understand that if he has got enough he doesn´t need more,suddenly,those shoes become a symbol of help for poor people who really need it.

  8. María Viña López13 noviembre, 2012

    The most impactant news for me was the one about the Japanese pensioners who are volunteers to tackler the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station. The obvious reason of why have i chosen this news is because in all the other news, people have done good acts helping another person or saving an animal. But in this one, these men are offering their own life, they are risking it for save another person that they don't even know. That's simply admirable. There's no many people like that, not many people would do that because it's necessary an incredible corage.

  9. María, I agree with your choice and your explanation.


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