viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

World Teachers´ Day, October 5th

Today is World Teachers´Day . It has been celebrated on October 5th since 1964; it was created by UNESCO to support teachers and celebrate their job (wow!).

Are you going to do anything about this day? What about the Thank A Teacher Campaign? If you are going to do what the campaign suggests, do so before having a look at the cartoons below - some of them are a little bit embarrassing for teachers. And here´s something else you could do, choose a cartoon, analyze it and then give your opinion about it. The first cartoons are about teachers in general:

And these ones are about one kind of teachers, English teachers (do you really think English teachers require special attention? are we are a category apart from the rest of teachers?)

Finally, here´s a video about Ms. Kornowski, a teacher at Kettle-Moraine High School, in Wisconsin, USA. You can watch it with a double purpose in mind: for English practice - since you get both the audio and the transcript - and for its content. What do you think about the way she connects with students?

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