viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

A Prank

Jimmy Kimmel is the creator and host of the TV show called Jimmy Kimmel Live. I have mentioned him at least once in a post entitled "A Funny Video."

Here´s a video of a Halloween prank he suggested (and the title is quite revealing): "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy again". He did the same last year and it was so successful that he decided to ask parents to play the same joke on their kids again this year and record their reactions. This prank is meaningless if you do not remember the "Trick or Treat" Halloween practice for children and its relation to candy.

Sweet, Sweet Halloween
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This is quite an interesting and funny video, why?
  • It makes me think there are quite a few bored and malicious parents out there who seem to enjoy themselves when they see their children sad
  • most of the children seem to be quite spoilt
  • some of the children look too old to to throw tantrums and react in such a childish way.
  • my faith in humanity was restored with the last three - and I do hope you agree

What do you think about my comments above? Do you agree?

Click here if you fancy smiling a little bit longer, you´ll watch a different type of prank

8 comentarios:

  1. -I am not in agreement entirely with 1 st comment, because I think they did that to see the children's reaction.
    -I agree with the second comment, because some of them react like if world finish in that moment.
    - I agree completely with 4st
    - I think that's true, specially last two; the boy that said: 'I just want you to feel happy'
    I think that child is very polite and mature.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insight, Alejandro! I see your point about comment number 1, let´s say it is a sort of sociological experiment...

  2. Alba Ferreiro 1ºF13 noviembre, 2012

    In my opinion the parents on this occasion were a little malicious with their childrem,yes,because the childrem love Halloween parties and for them this was terrible,but I don´t want to think that a father or mother wants their childrem to cry, that isn´t really right. But,I don´t know,maybe the childrem should understand if they don´t have candies. I more or less agree with your comment because some childrem shouldn´t throw tantrums and should accept the situation but parents shouldn´t play with their little childrem´s Halloween illusions.

  3. María Viña 1ºB18 noviembre, 2012

    I agree about your first comment because I can believe that maybe one or two parents did it just to see their child's reaction as Alejandro says but I'm so sure that the most part of them have done it just to get fun.
    I totally agree with you about your second and third comment (especially with the third one because, for example, I didn't expect this reaction from the girl who seems a teenager and she just cries as if someone has died and screams very sharp at the end. That's not normal.
    I laughed when I read your last comment and I got to say that I agreed with it at the beginning but when I reviewed the video, I watched the first kids who haven't been angry with their parents and they seemed a bit overacted (especially the boy) and the second one just seems extremelly sweet to be real. But at the same time, the last one seems absolutely natural so I still agree with you.


    1. María, thanks for your comment
      I just loved how the last girl on the video reacted: watch it in full; here is the link:

    2. María Viña 1ºB19 noviembre, 2012

      You're welcome.
      She has a really cute reaction. It's like an adult reaction but childish at the same time. But my favourite child is the previous to her. This boy has an incredible sweet voice. He seems to be trying so hard not to cry as he says he is not mad with his mother. Here's the complete reaction: .


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