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Edublogs Awards 2012

Today I want to recommend some of those blogs I follow and learn from; my way of letting them know how much I like them is nominating them for the Edublogs Awards 2012 (Edublogs is a blogging platform for people involved in education). There are 18 categories but I am afraid I do not have a favourite for all of them - I have more than one favourite for the categories below, though, which has made it really hard to make a choice.

My nominees are: 

  • Best individual blog: Cristina Sky Box. Ana Cristina Pratas has a nice visual way of presenting her resources and explaining her ideas. She lets you see she is really into education; she obviously loves blogging and sharing things with us.
  • Best group blog: Edudemic. Learning, parents, technology, social media, advice... you name it, lots of different issues usually dealt with in a very clear way.
  • Best teacher blog: Movie Segments to Asses Grammar Goals. Claudio Azevedo is certainly original in his way of presenting grammar issues; the films he chooses get a new dimension when we see the activities he suggests and when we eventually use them in our classes.
  • Free web tool: Dropbox. So convenient!
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast: Wonderopolis : activities to make kids wonder and reflect on all sorts of topics related to everyday life.
  • Best mobile app: Shazam: an app that can quickly (impressively quickly) identify any song you are listening to.

2 comentarios:

  1. Ola Rosa,

    A belated thank you for such kind feedback on my blog! And...yes, I do love the world of education and watching faces light up :-)

    1. I´m glad to hear from you, Ana. Keep up the good work, we learn so much from you...
      Best wishes


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