martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

US Elections

Today, Tuesday, November 6th, the American citizens will choose their president for the next four years. Here´s an explanation of how they do it - it´s not at all similar to our election system. The narrator speaks pretty fast but you can click here to read the transcript.

How much do you know about the current elections? Do this quiz to find out. Jeffrey Hill designed it; he is the writer of The English Blog, a very good blog for English learners that has lots of information about current news and events. It is a blog worth keeping an eye on.

There have been all sort of videos in the internet asking for the vote for either Obama or Romney; here are a couple of examples - you will easily find out who they are in favour of:

Have you noticed the words NSFW in the title of the video; those initials stand  for "Not Safe For Work, " that is, the content of the video, its message or its language could get you into trouble at work... I bet many people will want to watch the video once they see the initials, don´t you agree?

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