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Contest: Write a Rap About the News of 2012

How much do you remember about the news in 2012? This video may help you: it´s got subtitles but if you want to read the lyrics, click here - in addition to the lyrics, you can click on the links to read extra information about some of the news.

Do you like rap? Would you like to enter a contest that puts together rap and news? Read about it:

The Contest Rules: Write Your Own ‘Year in Rap’

  1. The rap should be 12 to 16 lines long.
  2. Students should choose at least four important New York Times stories from one of the news categories listed below. It’s fine to focus on a smaller topic found within a section in The Times. For example, you can write a rap based on just the 2012 presidential election or Hurricane Sandyrather than on a range of National news this year. Or, you might focus on 2012 movies rather than covering the full range of news from the Artssection. But you should also feel free to include as many, and as wide a range, of news stories from a particular section as you like. (More about narrowing your choices can be found in this section of the lesson plan.)
Here are the sections from which you can choose:
  1. The rap should be original and must follow Learning Network commenting standards, which means no profanity or vulgar language.
  2. Submissions must be from students from 13 to 25 years old. No last names please, but an initial is fine, as is a school or class code of some type. (For example, “Ethan G. CHS112.”)
  3. One submission per student, please.
  4. Submissions are allowed from partners and teams as well as from individuals — just remember to submit all of your names when you post your rhyme. We’ll judge the entries in two categories: individual submissions and group submissions.
  5. Raps must be submitted as comments on this post by 5 p.m. Eastern time on Jan. 7.
  6. If you have questions about the contest, please feel free to post them in the comments section as well, and we’ll answer you there.
  7. The top five raps, as judged by The Times and Flocabulary staff using this rubric, will be featured on both The Learning Network and
  8. Because of privacy rules that apply to students under 18, we are asking foronly your lyrics. While we love YouTube videos of young rappers as much as anyone, please don’t post links to them here.
Here are a couple of videos that will refresh your memory; the first one is about the news in 2012, while the second one focuses on the world of movies, a video for film lovers.

Click here for the list of films the scenes are taken from.

Will you let me know if you make up your mind and enter the contest?

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