viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Exams: First-marking-period

English teachers are used to spending long hours correcting but right now, as the first term is coming to an end and we need to have marks ready for the first-marking-period, texts, essays and projects just pile up on our desks... 

I can´t help identifying myself with this image- which I use in my posts over and over again: whenever I find myself  surrounded by exam papers, I remember it because it is so real, I feel just like that sometimes.... And I wish for an easy way to grade exams, reports, papers, something like this one explained here:

Enjoy yourself with the following examples of exam-related situations - we need some humor to start the weekend: 

* Peculiar topics for essays:

* Narrative essays:

* Students´attitude in relation to essays:

* With a little help from the teacher...

* Examples of  weird answers:

* Handwriting- a big problem teachers face:

Hava a nice (rainy) weekend!

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