viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

A Viral Photo

Dear "1º BAC" students, 

since you will have to describe a photo to your classmates for the oral exam in the second term, let me show you this photograph which became viral the moment it was published in A Classic Pin-Up´s Facebook some days ago.

If this is the first time you see this photo, try to find out what it is and explain to yourself what you are actually seeing. The following vocabulary will help you:

* grab
* womb
* C-section = Caesarean section

And this is what it is (the explanation you can read in the Facebook page I mentioned above): 

This was 10 weeks ago when I was having my C-section and Dr. Sawyer broke my water and my daughter reached out of my stomach and grabbed the Dr.´s finger and my hubby (=affectionate way of referring to one´s "husband") caught this special moment.

Do you know the name of the baby? She is called "Nevaeh"(="heaven" backwards)

Why don´t you show the photo to your family and friends? I bet there will be lots of different comments, pay attention to the adjectives they use and make a mental list of them - you can share both the comments and the adjectives with all of us afterwards. 

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