jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

Interpreting a Message

Dear students,

you will write the post this time: have a look at the photograph below. It is a notice on a library door. These are the steps you should follow:

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  1. Celia Salvador Ríos 1ºA27 enero, 2013

    Lance Amstrong is an American ciclist. He won seven times the Tour of France. He had a lot of fans but he broke the law because he used doping to can win all his competitions, and so he disappointed all his fans. He was recently discovered, firstly he said that it wasn't true but some days ago he said the true in Oprah's show. Now he had cancer and he lost all his medals and awards. The people in the library from the photograph must be very disappointed with him because they say they will move all the books they have about Lance Amstrong to the fiction-section, they will move it because they all are lie.

  2. Lucía Merino Piñeiro 2ºA Bac27 enero, 2013

    Lance Armstrong is a former professional road racing cyclist from the USA. He had won "Le Tour de France" seven consecutive times but he was desqualified for doping in 2012. He has been recently in the news because he has gone to The Oprah Winfrey Show to apologice for doping.
    This is an ironic message because the writer says that the books about Lance Armstrong in the library will be sent to the fiction section. He says this because he considers that Armstrong's victories are null now because he doped.


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