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The Top 10 Happiest Cities

Have a look at the infographic below; it shows the top 10 happiest cities in the world. Funnily enough, two Spanish cities are included, Barcelona and Madrid.

I think there is something ironical in the fact that Spain is suffering its biggest crisis ever and, however, its two biggest cities are considered "happy" places. What do you think? 

Optional homework: An opinion essay / comment:

How many of the cities mentioned here do you know? Are they really "happy cities"? Why would you say so? or Why would you disagree? What criteria would you use for determining the characteristics of a "happy city"? According to those criteria, do you think Lugo should be in your list?

Find A Happy Place: The Top 10 Happiest Cities

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  1. Borja Magide 2ºBAC A
    I found interesting this post so I decided to write you a comment. I visited Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Paris; and I would like to visit San Francisco and Sydney. I agree with the positions of both spanish cities,despite we are living hard times in our country the citizens still having a very good attitude in our lifestyle. I think that the position of Rome should be in the top 5, when I visited Rome I found very happy the citizens and the italians in general. I agree with the position of Paris, I love so much this city and one of the reasons is that is a very important city but is not too busy like is Madrid or other cities.
    The criteria I would use for determining the characteristics of a happy city would be the services that the city offers you, like the transportation or some stores and restaurants; I would think about the balance being a big city and being a quiet place to live, and I would think about the people and their behaviour, this is a quality that in Spain is not very good.
    I like Lugo but is not the place I would like to start a life, because is too little and we don't have a lot of services I would like to have.
    The detail of the Amsterdam Coffee shops called my attention, for me services like that are not my taste, and is not a characteristic for be a happy city, maybe it refers to other type of happiness.

  2. What a very interesting comment, Borja! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Cristina García Fontao10 febrero, 2013

    The 10 world's happiest cities in the world. In fact I think several of those cities are very funny. I've been to Buenos Aires, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro and I think one thing they have in common is the differnt people who live in. I mean that they are multiculturalism cities and maybe this multiculturalism make the atmosphere so funny and friendly.I think that if you need something in these cities people give it to you.
    Lugo is a little town and it is not a multiculturalism city but, sometimes people who live here forget prejudices and they are very happy. Maybe the key to be in this ranking is to be tolerant and live in peace.

    Cristina 1ºB

    1. Thank you, Cristina! By the way, I did not know you had travelled so much, how lucky you are!

    2. Cristina García Fontao16 febrero, 2013

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