martes, 8 de enero de 2013

To the Basketball Fans Out There

Even if you are not a basketball fan (I am not), you have probably heard abou the Lakers plans to trade Pau Gasol. So far so good, but this video that Ballerball (Ballerball is a webpage about basketball) is passing around makes fun of this trying to find someone to trade for Gasol. 

Make sure you understand the message: 

"Every single hour in Los Angeles
Pau Gasol is mistreated
Utterly scared
Suspicious of everyone around
What has he done to deserve this?
For being a great companion?
Please help us find Pau a new home
Please call 1-800-Save-Gasol"

"Hi, I am Sarah McLachlan asking you to please trade for Pau Gasol. He is miserable in Los Angeles and needs your help. Do the right thing."

So, what do you think about the video? Try to find arguments in favour and against it and feel free to share them with us. 

Do you think the fact that Pau is Spanish makes us specially sensitive about this "joke"?

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  1. Álvaro Gayoso11 enero, 2013

    More absurd sport humor without wit from the United States,what huge news...
    Probably I´m saing it because i´m spanish but if Lakers are playing bad it´s not Pau fault.
    I like none sport reporters with theirs silly stories.

  2. Celia Salvador Ríos 1ºA12 enero, 2013

    I only know a little bit about this new so maybe I will say something incorrect.
    To begin with, I think that Gasol is a good person and sportman, he always has a good behaviour with the journalists, at least. He has to be a very good player to be in the NBA. But we live in the real world and we all have bad days and bad years, so I think that this video is strange and is out of place. The NBA is a business, and the Lakers needs good players to earn money. We have to understand it. Gasol has been very famous in the last years and it would be nice if he found another team. But we can not pretend or expect that he remains in the Lakers.
    About if we see the joke different for be Spanish, I think maybe yes, maybe some people yes. But I think that my point of view can seems hard, typical from a European.

  3. angela lopez barreira14 enero, 2013

    I think this joke it isn't funny. If i was Pau i don't feel very well about that, and also i think the people mustn't laugh about him, because he's a very good basket player, and maybe this isn't a good year for him, but people have to respect the others. And sometimes people forgets that sports are only a game and it isn't necessary to hurt anybody.

  4. Alejo Reija Chao23 enero, 2013

    I'm a basketball fan but not a Laker fan for sure. Although Laker's basketball is being horrible since the NBA season began it's a problem of all the team not only of Pau. I think that this is a real opinion of everybody, however, PAu need go to other team to improve his basketball. The 'quimic' with his team-mates it isn't very good. Funnily enough, the Laker's star, Kobe Bryant, defended last week his team-mate and friend.

    1. Alejo, is there any reason why you don´t want to be a Lakers´fan?

    2. Alejo Reija Chao28 enero, 2013

      Since I like basketball my favourite team is Boston Celtics. Everyone who knows a bit of NBA basketball knows that rivality between Celtics and Lakers are similar than Real Madrid-BArcelona here, in Spain.

    3. Oops, I am afraid I have proved I am an ignorant fool about basketball issues


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