viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Death by a Meteorite

Have you heard about the meteorite crash in Russia? Does it look like "Apocalyse now" to you ?

It must have been really frightening; click here and here to see some videos about the precise moment when it crashed (mind you, the audio is in Russian and the subtitles are in English but the language is NSFW and the spelling and grammar of the translation would lower your mark in a test, so just pay attention to the images, please...)

Anyway, I want to calm you down; the infographic below was published by The Economist some days ago; it shows the number of deaths in the US classified by different reasons and the chances of dying because of a meteorite explosion rank really low so I guess we´d better keep worrying about everyday things. 

Optional homework: comment / essay: How would this infographic be different if it were published about deaths in Spain? what circumstances would you add and which ones would you eliminate?

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  1. thanks for share...

  2. If this infographic were published about the deaths in Spain I think that in the part of the deaths by storm, lightning, dog bite, bee sting, fireworks and asteroid impacts are going to be like in America, in my opinion is more difficult to death for any of this circumstances that death from a disease. The biggest numbers of deaths in Spain are from heart diseases and from lung cancer. I read about it here:
    I would to eliminate deaths exposure to excessive natural cold, intentional self-harm, choking and post-surgery complications. I choose these because I never heard about anyone who deaths from something like this.
    I would to add deaths from all types of cancers because miserably are very frequent in Spain.

  3. Clara Reigosa18 febrero, 2013

    I think this infographic would be a little bit different in Spain because we have different laws,different ways of life and different weather. I think that heart diseases, accidents, alcohol...are the same in Spain and in other european countries because they are ordinary things. I suposse that storm, lightning and exposure to force of nature are more common in America because natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes...are more frequents there. I would eliminate firearm discharge and assault by firearm because arms aren´t allow in Spain and it´s easier to get an arm in America than in Spain. I would add terrorism deaths, although terrorism deaths were more frequent some years ago than now.Finally, I would add exposure to excessive natural hot becaus Summer in Spain is very hot.

    1. Clara, unfortunately,I agree with your idea of including terrorism when referring to Spain; it is still a problem in our country but, luckily, not for a long time


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