martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

How is your Maths?

Maths as a subject was a real nightmare for me when I was a high school student. Maybe videos like these ones here would have made things easier, who knows? Have a look and let me know if you find them useful...

Click here for more rap maths

Numberphile has lots of  entertaining videos about numbers and stuff; here is one of them where they explain what "vampire numbers" are

And with the following video you will learn what a billion is: 

Do you need extra help? Have a look at S.O.S Mathematics 

Do let me know if your marks improve in your Maths exams in the future...

2 comentarios:

  1. Álvaro Gayoso06 febrero, 2013

    Numberphile videos are so interesting,I think that vampire numbers are a ''freak game'' but the other video about the different meaning of ''million'' is really awesome.Why people around the world don't solve it?Personally I used ''billion'' for 10^12 like in Europe (as he has said).
    Rap maths and Integrate by parts are very good songs,I really enjoy it and I will show you another song about my future education:
    It´s amazing,it was made by university students,there are spanish version or english version but the both are very good.


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