viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Homework: Tell a Piece of News

This is the homework for next week: find the relation between the following terms and explain the piece of news orally in class

Michelle Obama + Argo  + Iranian TV news

Remember to find an answer to the basic questions: who?, when?, where?, what?, why?. If you can answer all those questions and manage to put the information together so that it makes sense, then you will have a good piece of news.

As for the oral part, tell the story to yourself in front of a mirror so that you can practise both pronunciation and intonation and, at the same time, you can see how "real" you sound. This kind of practice will help you to be sure of yourself for your delivery in class because you will soon be aware of the vocabulary you lack or of the part that is the most difficult for you; therefore, you can rehearse different ways to express the ideas until you get the speech right. Remember to use a pronunciation tool to find out the pronunciation of the words that you do not know.

Here are some tips for you to prepare the content:

1. Michelle Obama:

2. Argo

By the way, don´t forget to give your point of view regarding the story.

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  1. Coral 1ªA14 marzo, 2013

    The 85th Academy Awards ceremony (referred to as The Oscars) took place
    February 24, 2013.
    First lady Michelle Obama announced from the White House the Oscar for the Best Film for “Argo”. She started saying: Welcome to the White House everyone.
    The film, directed by Ben Affleck, gets three Oscars. It tells the crazy rescue of six officials of the U.S.A. Embassy in Teheran and who escaped from the assault of some revolutionary students, in November 1979.
    Since the premiere of the movie, the Iranian expressed their rejection, saying that the film is making anti-Iranian promotion and the scenes are false.
    Now, the fact that Michelle Obama announced this Oscar increases its conviction that is a political decision.
    Despite saying that the film is an exaggeration, they continued whit their puritanism, covering the arms and chest of the first lady because she can´t appear on Iranian television showing so much.
    In my opinion the reaction of the Iranian was excessive and out of place. I don’t think that it was a political decision, it was only a good movie that won a great prize.


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