sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Graduation Speeches 2013. Day 1

The first turn of graduation speeches took place last Tuesday; the students were divided into two groups according to their class numbers and, funnily enough, they turned out to be two single-sex groups. 

Here they are: on the one hand, Sara, María, Catalina, Cristina and Alba, and Carlos, Alejo, Simón, Abraham, Víctor and Emilio, on the other.

Here are some photos to remember that wonderful experience ( I hope the videos will be ready soon)
thank you animated gif photo: Thank you bunny rabbit animated gif thTYTagu8u-1.gif

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  1. My name is Lucía, I'm one of those students of Rosa in 2ºBACH who have given her valedictorian speech. The truth is that when our English teacher asked us to do the speech, I refused. But I kept the idea on my mind, I thought about it, and talking with my family and friends all we agreed it was a good oportunity to improve my oral English and what is even more useful and important, overcome a personal fear that, because in spite of the fact I'm an extroverted person, it makes me become very nervous and scared: talking in public to a crowd.
    Our teacher always encouraged us to do it. Finally I decided doing it, so I started thinking about what I was going to say, writting drafts, asking my family's opinion...
    When the big day was comming, a group of classmates gave us their valedictorian speeches one week before my turn, for my was an important step listening them, feeling their attitudes. They too were nervous but when they come in front of us they focus on their text and their tried give their best. As I said in my speech "I've learnt listening to you, I've learnt that we all came up here with the same fear and the same nervousness, but, at the end, we make a good job and we enjoy a nice experience"
    I gave my speech one week ago, I have to admit the previus minutes I was shaking nervous, the assembly hall of our High School was full of students and teachers, I have never done anything like this before.
    My speech was brief, I took the oportunity of giving thanks to the people who is important nowadays in my life.
    In spite of I would like have done it much better, I can't describe the extraordinary feeling I felt when my classmates and the people who where there started clapping when I finished. It was that kind of happiness you feel after the effort for a work.
    Today, after one week I still could tasting that feeling.
    So, I would like encouraged all the students who will have their opportunity next year: Don't doubt! Do it! It worths.

  2. Lucía, you can´t imagine how happy I felt after I read your long comment!

    Thank you very much for taking your time to write it.

    Well done!


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