viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

What Would You Do If...?

What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress? Two guys asked themselves the same question and staged a murder-in-progress inside a New York City elevator. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions. How would you react if you found yourself in a situation like this? Would you consider any of the following options?
  • run
  • get help
  • call 911
  • watch
  • record video
  • attack
  • get revenge

Talking about the prank, what do you think about it? (In my opinion, it goes too far) 

2 comentarios:

  1. Borja 2ºBAC A
    Hi! I wouldn't say it was a prank, I think it's more like an experiment. Anyway if I were on this situation, I think that I wouldn't know what to do. But if I would have to choose one of the given options, I think that I would call the 112 and I would try to get help. I think that I wouldn't never attack, because I think that it's too dangerous and I´m not stronger enough to stop a murderer.
    I got very shocked when I saw the man in the video who starts recording a video with his phone, I think it's the worst thing you can do, stare at the murder, watching how a person die and even record a video. Know that there are persons like this man it's very ashamed. In conclussion I think most of the people answered in a good way to the situation.

    1. Borja, thanks for your comment! I was also negatively surprised when I saw the man recording the "murder." As the proverb goes, "there´s nothing as queer as folk"


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