domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Violence Against Women

In the last weeks, several women have been killed in Spain by men; all of them examples of violence against women. Our society has been discussing the origin and causes of these actions against women for ages; different people suggest different ways to put an end to it but none of them seem to work. In my view, as long as women are considered objects, either in real life or in games (played mostly by men), no campaign or message will do any good. 

Take this example: a video called "Kara: a PS3 new technology." I do not really know what kind of new technology the video advertises ( this is the definition of the video: Quantic Dream, the development studio behind titles like Heavy Rain, has showcased the new technology, entitled 'Kara' ) but I do know that I do not like the image of the woman (actually, a fembot) depicted there. Judge by yourselves:

  • what kind of woman is pictured here?
  • what will "she" be able to do?
  • what is "she" not supposed to do?
  • what is the message of the video, in relation to men and women?
  • whose voice do we hear, a man´s or a woman´s voice? Does it matter? why (not)?

This is another example of a "fembot" in an advert. Why do you think they chose a fembot and not a real woman?

I got the idea for this post when I read the entry called "The Problem with Fembots...Again" in one of my favourite blogs, Sociological Images 

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