martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Do You Eat Animals?

Are you a vegetarian? Even if you are not, is there any animal you refuse to eat? What reasons do you have for that?  Take me, for instance; I eat meat from time to time, not too often, though, but I DON´T eat rabbit. Rabbit is a pet for me, that´s why I don´t eat it, how can you eat a pet? I have friends who refuse to eat octopus - and we all know what that means in Galicia, where one of the most popular dishes in any popular celebration is "octopus Galician style" (i.e., boiled and then seasoned with oil and paprika); my friends say octopus is an elegant and hipnotizing animal you just watch for pleasure in aquariums. And that is probably Luiz Antonio´s point of view.

Luiz Antonio must be a toddler - judging by his looks, tone of voice and his chair.He was given octopus in his gnocchi and then he started questioning his mother about it; he came to the conclusion, in a philosophical way, that animals have to die so that we can eat them and eventually convinced his mother to let him just eat the rice and the potatoes and leave the octopus aside.

The video is in Portuguese and the subtitles are in English (click on CC to get them) . I am sure you will have no problem whatsoever in understanding any of the two languages.

Enjoy the video and start questioning what you eat!


2 comentarios:

  1. I always think that is very important to eat different food because our body needs a lot of kinds of nutrients, so we have to eat animals! They provide us protein, iron, vitamins... And they are very delicious! Furthermore, this is the law of the life, the biggest eats the smallest.

  2. I am afraid vegetarians would give you lots of reasons against your arguments, Brais...Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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