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The Importance of Speaking English, According to Our Politicians

Dear Mr Núñez Feijoo, President of "Xunta de Galicia,"

you are welcome to my classes; you could learn two things:
  • the importance of rehearsing speeches before delivering them
  • the pronunciation of "Chieftains"
While we are at it, you might as well consider increasing the number of hours of English lessons per week: three 50-minute-long periods a week with a ratio of up to 34 students per class is certainly not the way to make our students   fluent in English (judge for yourself)

Let me recommend a great way to learn some pronunciation: singing along while listening to a song. 

Since you had difficulties reading the name of the Irish band, The Chieftains,  while mentioning they had been awarded the Castelao medal, here´s one of my favourite songs played by this band together with The Corrs , I Know My Love

I Know My Love,  Lyrics
I know my love by his way of walking
And I know my love by his way of talking
And I know my love dressed in a suit of blue
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?

And still she cried, "I love him the best,
And a troubled mind, sure can know no rest"
And still she cried, "Bonny boys are few,
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?"

There is a dance house in Maradyke
And there my true love goes every night
He takes a strange girl upon his knee
Well now don't you think that that vexes me?


If my love knew I can wash and wring
If my love knew I can sew and spin
I'd make a coat of the finest kind
But the want of money sure leaves me behind


I know my love is an errant rover
I know he'll wander the wild world over
In dear old Ireland he'll no longer tarry
An American girl he's sure to marry


Unfortunately, Mr Núñez Feijoo is not the only one who has problems with English; click here and watch the videos

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