lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Visual Vocabulary: How to Fold a Shirt

We cannot say that summer is in the air because the weather is absolutely crazy these days but we do feel summer holidays are just round the corner so here´s a useful piece of advice  for packing: how to fold a shirt or a t-shirt in under two seconds.

This is a good listening exercise because the narrator explains everything he does at the same time as he does it and, since you are both watching and listening, it is easy to follow the instructions. Choose the subtitles in English to make sure you get every single word of the explanation; you may want to watch it a second time without the subtitles to see how much you understand, or you may even feel like doing a dictation: listen to the audio, pause the video and write what you hear; once you have finished, check your writing.


  • short sleeved shirt
  • back of the shirt
  • top and bottom of the shirt

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