jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

Support Universal Education

I didn´t expect to write any posts until the school year starts, that is, next September, but this piece of news is worth both your time and mine. 

Do you remember Malala? Click here, if you don´t

Next July 12th Malala will celebrate her sixteenth birthday delivering a speech about education recommendations for youth to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. You can join Malala´s fight for universal education signing this letter to Ban Ki-moon

Dear Mr Secretary-General,
I stand with Malala in demanding that the leaders of the world end our global Education Emergency. After the recent violent murder of 14 girls in Pakistan who simply wanted an education, I support the civil rights struggle of 57 million girls and boys who will not go to school today — or any day. Side by side with Malala, we demand that at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders agree to fund the new teachers, schools and books we need — and to end child labour, child marriage and child trafficking — so that by December 2015 we meet the Millennium Development goal promise that every boy and girl be at school.
We must be united in this fight, and we must act now. Thank you for standing with us.

Click here to sign this letter, "Stand With Malala"

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi Rosa, I hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed the sun and the most important thing: I hope you had satisfied your needs, to start this year in a good mood. Have a good schoolyear!

  2. Thanks (anonymous friend)!
    I did enjoy my holidays -thoroughly, I should say - and I did "enjoy the sun"
    And yes I am ready to start the school year in a good mood and "always look on the bright side of life"

    Thank you again and, if you are either a teacher or a student, Have a good school year, you, too!


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