domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Back to School 2013: Steady...

Dear students,

I do hope you are in a good mood to come back to school, expecting something positive, interesting, appealing...

In the last weeks we have seen quite a few examples of the bad use of English  by some important people from Spain, but don´t think you will get away with something like that; we do encourage speaking in our classes and we will do some practice with speeches as well.

Click here to read an analysis of the pronunciation mistakes made by Ana Botella in her real speech.

I want to welcome all of you to both this new school year and my classes in a very enthusiastic way so please, watch this video as if it were meant for you: Nick Selby is a sophomore at  Georgia Institute of Technology and this is the video of his welcome to the freshman class 2013 (click on the captions to read his message because it will probably be a little bit fast for you)

I wish you were all lucky enough to have only great teachers at school; I always do my best to be one but life is hard, you know, and one does not always achieve his/her goals. I´ll do my best, though - I can promise that much... (by the way, what are you willing and able to promise in relation to our classes?)

The Impact of Great Teachers
Infographic taken from Visually.

See you soon!

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