lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

School Year 2013-14: Homework Assignment 1

Watch the video and answer the questions below.



  1. What is this video about?
  2. Do you think such a phone is a good idea? Why? / Why not? (make a list of pros and cons before you write your answer)
  3. Design a "phoneblok" for you: what parts would it have? (what do you mainly  use your phone for?)
  4. What happens to old phones? What do you usually do them? (what have you done so far?)
We will talk about these issues in class, so be ready to have an answer to these questions.

Click here if you want to learn more about Phonebloks.

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  1. Laura T. 1ºB25 septiembre, 2013

    1.The previous video is about electronic devices, the new phone, his made by bloks, the battery, the speed, the wifi, the bluetooth; all of them are conected in the base, and the base conected them together. In this video the people are looking for the phone worth keeping.
    2.I think that this phone is a good idea because for example, if your phone falls to the ground and the screen breaks, you can change it and you can have a new screen; if you use your phone a lot and the battery ends too soon, you can introduce other battery; if you are a person who loves the pictures and you use your phone a lot for make pictures, you can change the camera. Now I´ll say the bad things. I think that a phone is a phone, only this, and now we are giving too work, because formerly the phone was used to call up your familiars, or your friends, or your boyfriend, but only for this; the most that you could do with a phone, it was send a message, but nothing else. And now we use a phone like a computer.
    3. If I could design a new phone,the only thing I would introduce .A battery which keeps her full day, because there isn´t a phone that keep all the day on, if you use it a lot. I would use it for reading books, watching films and speaking with my friends.
    4.The old phones keep them in a locker, and you never going to use them. The only thing that I do with an old phone it was when I sold it, but for the rest, the old phones are useless.

    1. Laura, funnily enough, you do not mention how important the camera is for you - I seem to remember, when we talked about this in class, you mentioned you usually take photos and post them in Instagram, am I right?


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