miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

The Commonwealth Explained

Learning a bit about New Zealand in class this week, the word "Commonwealth" came out, so perhaps we should go a little bit deeper into that.

Here is a map which shows the Commonwealth countries

And this is a video where people from those countries explain what the Commonwealth means for them. Pay attention to their accents because they are a good example of the variety of English accents all over the world.

As for New Zealand, watch this video where the All Blacks perform their Maori dance, the haka, before the game.

And, finally, a lovely video called "Full Moon Silhouettes." Read the description of the video made by photographer Mark Gee: it is a real time video of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand, during moon rise on the 28th January 2013, People had gathered up there this night to get the best view possible of the moon rising.

Enjoy the music and the images! I bet they will make you wish you had been there!

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