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School Year 2013-14: Homework Assignment 3

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013 was awarded to Alice Munro, "master of the contemporary short story". In the first video below you can hear a telephone interview with her following the announcement on 10 October; the interviewer is Adam Smith, a member of Nobelprize.org.

Your homework this time is a listening comprehension exercise. These are the steps you should follow:
  • read the comprehension questions - make sure you understand them
  • find the key word in each question: the word that will help you know what sort of information you need to listen for
  • you may listen to the video up to three times; after that you may read the transcript included in the youtube page but beware of its mistakes

Comprehension questions:
  1. Where is she from? 
  2. How many short - story books had she published when this interview came out?
  3. What part of Canada is depicted most in her stories?
  4. Why did A. Munro decide to write short stories instead of novels?
  5. How long did it take her to write a short story?
  6. How old was she when she started writing?
  7. What does she think about small towns?
  8. How does she describe the Canadian society of her childhood?
  9. What kind of people are the characters in her stories?
  10. How did A. Munro´s relationship with her own mother influence her writing?

Would you like to read any of her short stories? Here are some of them: Amundsen, Train, Boys and Girls

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