viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

Start the Weekend With a Smile

Did you know that October 4th is World Smile Day ?
Let´s see if I can help you celebrate!

Watch this video compilation of fails, wins and crazy situations from different countries.

In your view, what is the funniest situation shown in the video? (Don´t just mention it, explain why you think so)

2 comentarios:

  1. Coral López Álvarez 2ºB BAC03 noviembre, 2013

    For me, the funniest situation is when a Russian old woman throws the rubbish througt the culvert. She opens one bag and pulls slowly the things, and then, pulls the hole bags. And when she is going out, it appears a man's head from the sewers, he is taking off his head a banana peel. For this things there are the containers, for not clogging the sewers!

    I also liked the scene of a Polish man running around a football field. A security guard chases him and suddenly, bumps into a puddle. At that time, the running man raises his arms as if the fall of the guard was his great victory. It's really funny!

  2. Coral, in order to learn the vocabulary, try to remember as many situations as possible and say them out-loud (in English, of course!)- check how much you have learnt


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