jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

Strike Against the Education Reform

Students, parents and teachers from all levels of the Spanish public education system are on strike today to protest against the massive cuts and the education reform passed by the government. 
Last May we lived another strike like this. The video below is about the situation then (the education reform had not been passed yet). Watch it and pay attention to the vocabulary about education you can hear or read there; you know the topic so it shouldn´t be difficult to follow. If you read the captions, try to follow the general idea but remember they are not man-made so you will see quite a few mistakes there.Make sure you know what the following words and expressions mean before watching the video:
  • pre-school
  • participation rate
  • austerity measures
  • budget cuts
  • reduce spending on education
  • tuition
  • non-obligatory secondary education
  • labour unions
  • protester
  • to demonstrate
  • the public sector
  • student-teacher ratio
  • charter schools

2 comentarios:

  1. Coral López Álvarez 2ºB BAC03 noviembre, 2013

    I think it's wrong that Universities are privatized because, in addition to being better prepared teachers who have passed an Opposition to work in the Public University, from now, only the rich people is going to be able to make a College career.

    My sister (that was a stident of yours) is in the Public University and she is being very well prepared; she say that in the Private they put more facilities, but PASSING IS NOT LEARNING.

    Well, and about having an exam after Secondary education, other after Bachelor's degree and another to get into an University, I find it so excesive...

    1. Thanks for your comment, Coral!
      I like to get feedback from my former students and it makes me happy to hear such nice comments about public education. It is nice to see how students appreciate the good work.
      Please, give my regards to your sister!


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