sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

What Is Your Favourite Memory? (Homework Assignment 9))

What is your favorite memory?

The following video is a piece of a larger picture called Fifty People, One Question, by Benjamin Reece and Nathan Heleine. Fifty People, One Question is  a social experiment and film series exploring human connections through people and places. The project began in New Orleans in 2008; along the way it has managed to depict a slice of humanity: dreams, losses, reflections stories and secrets.

What is YOUR favorite memory?

Think about it and share it with us; consider the five questions to let us have a full picture of the situation: who? when? where? what? why?

If you could, would you photoshop any of your memories?

4 comentarios:

  1. My mother, my brother and me, when I was twelve years old, went to Fuerteventura, an island where I had a great time, because an evening we went at a surfers' beach and there the waves were enormous. I swam there and this was amazing, because the first time that I saw myself below those enormous waves I screamed "MOOOOOOOM", I was very afraid of them, but then I could enjoy them. Hopefully, this is my favorite memory.

  2. Laura, thanks for sharing this memory with us!

  3. Uxía Sánchez García
    I was in my uncle's house , when I was five years old , and suddenly the phone rang. That was the moment when I knew that my life became better because of the bird of my sister.She is my person , my best friend and she's the person who I love the most. Truly , that was the moment which marked my life.

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories, Uxía


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