martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Physics in Everyday Life

Here is an interesting video for you to practise your listening comprehension skills while you learn some everyday physics.

Roger Bowley is a retired professor from the University of Nottingham (UK). In this video he explains how to unlock a car from various distances, using waves from his key, brain and a big bottle of water.


  1. Before watching the video, think about the topic and imagine the kind of vocabulary you will be hearing
  2. Since many words in physics come from Latin, they are very similar to the Spanish ones so you will have no problem in understanding them. Here is a list of words you will hear; how many of them do you understand? Do not look them up, just read them aloud. Use a pronunciation tool, if you need it
  • central locking device
  • press a button
  • to flash (the lights flash)
  • electromagnetic waves
  • frequency
  • MHz= megahertz
  • wavelength
  • range
  • signal
  • extend (extend the range)
  • pace
  • water molecule
  • electric field
  • proton
  • upwards and downwards
  • oscillate
  • ray
  • synchronization
  • phase

    3. Watch the video and listen for those words; once you hear them in context, you will understand their meaning. You may watch the video once for general understanding and the second time for listening comprehension: write the list of words on your notebook and tick them when you hear them.

Put this experiment into practice next time your parents park your car in a large parking lot. Let me know if it works!

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