martes, 17 de junio de 2014

Short Film Starred by Luis Tosar

Luis Tosar was a student at our school, "Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes" and he always mentions he became an actor thanks to one of our teachers, Mavisa - read about that part of his life here. He left the school before I arrived but most teachers feel he is period of the history of our school and we feel very proud of his success.

The short film below is called "Cólera" - a word with two meanings in Spanish:  on the one hand, "anger / fury"; on the other hand,"an infectious disease which if often epidemic". Once you have seen the film, explain the choice of this noun for the title: what meaning of "cólera" does it refer to? why do you think so? is it a good title? (why (not)?)

Cólera from Sr.&Sra. on Vimeo.

I have decided to include one of the comments I read about this video; it was written by Adam Lerman. Read it to see how much you understand about its content and decide whether you agree with him or not - you may need to watch the film again to notice all the details he mentions:

A total work. The influence of blood red on the setting (purple skies, rust-brown earth), the raw sound design (mortally thematic circling of flies; that perfect sound of the rock hitting him in the head followed by the ringing), the seamless shift from camera fluidity to shakiness depending on the subject's level of confidence and fear, the cross formed in the doorway just before the hand emerges (a crossing over the threshold? a reference to the crucifixion of a do-gooder misunderstood?), the low light on the stunning makeup to emphasize the townspeople's lack of understanding, the circling repetition of the score (the disease repeating itself in cycles despite (or because of) their actions, everything in this film plays directly into the core of the film's themes. Love it.

What do you think about this short-film? Do you like it? Why (not)?

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