martes, 14 de octubre de 2014


Ebola is all over the news these days (click hereso here is a post for you to get some information about it in English.

Let´s start with the pronunciation; click here to listen to someone say "ebola"

Now read some facts about ebola: click here.

Lots of resources on ebola: click here (you will be linked to Larry Ferlazzo´s list of resources).

How did Ebola evolve to affect humans? Learn about it in this video, narrated by Morgan Freeman

The video below explains some things about the virus; it is a video from July so the figures  (number of cases, number of deaths) are outdated, but it is accurate as for the transmission of the virus and the way of dealing with it.

Protective ebola suit : taken from the BBC (click on the link to get more information about it)

Fast-spreading deadly viruses are not uncommon in the movies: click here or here and you will be linked to Outbreak, a 1995 sci-fi movie about this. By the way, the link to the full movie online was available in YouTube until the ebola virus outbreak, now it is not - can you think of any reason why this is so?

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  1. Hi Rosa, I'm also a teacher of EFL in Madrid and I would like to use some of the contents here in my blog. I am going to cite the source, of course, if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome, Rose!
      It is nice to know that colleagues find useful material in the blog…
      Thanks for letting me know.


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