viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Pay Per Laugh

Before you go on with this post, answer this question to yourself: what do you understand by "pay per laugh"? Now watch the video and read the text below - were you right? 

Switch off the volume for the first 30 seconds: read the text there, can you understand it? if you cannot, watch that part again with the sound on (you will get the audio in Spanish)

Pay per Laugh | TeatreNeu from edududu on Vimeo.

The Teatreneu comedy club in Barcelona has begun experimenting with a new business model that uses facial recognition technology  to charge its customers each time they laugh;  the software is installed on tablets attached to the back of each seat. The club has reduced its entry fee to nothing, while installing tablets with the technology on the backs of seats to charge customers €0.30 per laugh ($0.38) up to a maximum €24 ($30).

Why do you think they have developed this project? 
Do you think it has been successful so far? 

Click here to read more about this and to get the answers to the questions above (piece of news from BBC News Technology) 

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