viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Song Of the Week: "Littlest Things," by Lilly Allen

Sing along Lilly Allen´s Littlest Things for pronunciation and intonation practice - remember singing helps you get the rhythm of the language.

Lily Allen is a singer songwriter; she was born in London in 1985 and moved around a lot as a child, attending 13 different schools before finally quitting when she was just 14. "I never had time to make enduring friendships," she says. "(So) music became a lifeline to me. I listened to punk, ska and reggae, courtesy of my parents' record collections." Her eclectic tastes in music — from punk to ska, and from T. Rex to Kate Bush to Eminem — have influenced her pop music, which reveals stories and vignettes about love, friends and life in London
After leaving school, Allen's interest in music grew and she began to write songs. In Nov. 2005 she started a page on and began posting some of her songs. "Since then it's gone mad," she says. "The online support I got for my music grew quickly, then the next thrill was hearing it on the radio. The reaction has been so positive it's left me reeling a bit. But I'm happy and I know the songs can live up to people's expectations."

Have you found any grammar or spelling mistake in the transcript?

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