viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

The Day of the Dead

There are quite a few posts about Halloween in this blog but here is some new stuff. Let us start with a brief history of Halloween: I am sure you have heard about quite a few things mentioned in the video - including the name "Samaín" for our celebration in Galicia - but you will probably learn quite a few more about its origins and development.

Once you have seen the video, you will be ready for this National Geographic Halloween Quiz

The following video is about The Day of the Dead in the US; it will be interesting to all those of you who are artists, who love drawing and painting. It is a five-minute-long documentary in which some artists talk about why this day has become so popular in the US.

Skulls, representations of death, devil worship… that´s what the art represented in this video is about.

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