domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

What Is Happiness For You?

Dear, 2nd BAC students, I could´t help remembering our lesson about "What makes you happy?" when I saw this video

"What is happiness for you?" is the last sentence mentioned in this video

Read more about this video, published on Feb 6, 2014,  here : why and how they recorded - start by reading this explanation: 

We spend the early 2014 together with the protesters in Kyiv on the Maidan barricades. During those emotional days we were shooting a film inspired by the „Happy" video by Pharrell Williams.
But can Ukraine say it‚"Happy" today?
What do Ukrainians need to feel happy?
Polish filmmakers Gosia Molska and Leszek Molski hope to inspire support for Ukrainian protesters with a music video that contrasts joyful moments with the brutal reality of what's been happening in Kiev.

The conflict in Ukraine, a historical perspective: read about it here

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