viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014

A Thought for the Weekend

Here is something for you to reflect upon: have you ever thought about the thousands of identical photos that exist? You take a photo of something amazing and there will be lots of them just like yours, as if photos were mass-produced...

Video for listening, reading practice: watch the video without subtitles first, then watch it a second time but click on "CC" (closed captions) - they seem to be man-made so they are OK

Read about the origin of this video by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

This idea came to me in Turkey. I was on a tour of this ancient underground city in Cappadocia, and after taking a few poorly lit photos of the haunting chambers, I decided I could skip the snapshots and just buy a book of postcards later. What's the difference whether I took them, if the subject was the same? So then, a photo is basically like an IKEA product, a kind of prefabricated piece of art that you happened to have assembled yourself. But then I thought...suppose my camera fell into the ocean on the way home. How many photos from this trip could I replace with one of a thousand identical others I found online? I mean, is there any point in anyone taking another picture of the moon, or the Taj Mahal, or a sparrow? Really, the only irreplaceable photos would be of the faces of people I know—which means, for all their indulgences, selfies are at least pointed in the right direction.


Any thoughts or comments you would like to share about the video or the ideas mentioned there? 

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