sábado, 7 de marzo de 2015

Viral Photos in Social Networks

On Friday 27th, as we were leaving the classroom, Alba showed me this photo  and asked me, "what colors do you see?". That was the first time I saw the photo, (and, for the record, my answer was "light grey and brown") but I couldn´t believe my eyes or my ears when I noticed this photo was everywhere in the media and there was such a fuss about it in social networks… 

I did not expect to be blogging about it but let´s look at it from a practical point of view: here is a video where they give a scientific explanation to the different answers you may have heard; it´s a good way to practise your listening skills since you can well imagine the kind of things that will be mentioned. In case you find it difficult to follow the reasoning, click on "CC" and read the subtitles:

Would you like to learn more about optical illusions? Watch this video - remember to click on "CC" to get the subtitles:

Click here to see some more images of optical illusions

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