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Nerea´s Suggestion, "Lullaby, by Nickelback

Nerea F. has suggested this song, "Lullaby", by Nickelback

I  would like to suggest a song called Lullaby, by Nickelback.
Nickelback, a music rock group was formed in 1995. Nickelback is formed by four men:
-Chad Kroeger, who is the lead singer and  guitarist
-Mike Kroeger, who plays the bass
-Ryan Peake, that sings and plays the guitar
-Daniel Adair, the drummer.
All of them are Canadians
I really like this song and the original video clip because it is a song that always makes me feel emotional but in a good way.
I have read in the Internet the real story behind this song. It is based on an experience that Chad and Mike had when they were younger. They found that their babysitter was crying because her boyfriend had died in a motorcycle accident.

Click here to watch the official video of the song. Here´s the video with the lyrics for you to sing along:

I bet you could understand the lyrics pretty well but, just in case, here´s a video with their translation - the video is part of the soundtrack of the film "Up"

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