viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2015

Off to Canada...

Dear students, as I have told you, a substitute teacher will be with you from September 28th till October 26th ( both inclusive).

I will be in Montreal, Canada. I will keep a blog, "El sistema educativo canadiense. Rosa´s Perspective", and you are welcome to browse

What will I be doing? I got a scholarship to learn about the Canadian School System. Click here for more information about these scholarships (PIALE) given by our government, Xunta de Galicia

To learn more about the Education System in Quebec, click here

This is the school I will be visiting: click here

Where will I be staying? In Montreal, Quebec. More information about it here

Am I happy with this opportunity? Sure, I am, even though there are quite a few things I do not agree with (click here )...maybe I will change my mind once I am there...who knows?

Is there anything you would like me to learn about while I am there? Do you have any questions about anything related to what I mentioned above? Feel free to ask me; if I do not know the anwer, hopefully, I will find someone who can clear things for me. 

And here is a song that summarises how I am feeling right now:

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