domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

Dear teacher, ...

Just a reminder for myself - and all the teachers out there:


Boy -Dear Teacher, I know it doesn’t always seem like it. But, I really do want to listen and learn. Girl – It’s just my brain, it’s kind of different Girl #2 – So this is what I like you to know about me Boy – I HAVE to move or I really can’t pay attention Boy – Even though I’m not looking at you. I can still listen to what you’re saying. Boy – If you tell me “sit up straight!” Now I have to use all of my brain, to do just that. Girl - It makes me feel sad when you tell me to try harder, even though I’ve already tried as hard as I can. Boy – I actually listen better when I rockin’ in my chair Girl- When you give me a bunch of directions. I start to think “I will NEVER remember all of this!” Girl – Sometimes…My mom or dad ends up doing all of my homework Girl – SO here’s is how you can maybe help?! Boy – Let me get up and move while I’m learning. Boy – Let me look wherever I want, when you talk to me Boy – Let me Rock or slouch in my chair Girl – No matter what…Please don’t take away my recess Girl – Give me help and I can do it all by myself Girl – Make directions very short Boy – Just ask me. What does your brain need right now? Girl – And one more thing, my brain might be different than yours. But, it is still amazing. Girl – Sincerely, ‘your student’ (repeat by other kids)

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