miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

New Words and Phrases in 2015

According to `Anglophenia´, these words and phrases became the most popular ones in 2015. How many of them do you know? Think of a definition of those words before watching the video

  1. selfie stick
  2. FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
  3. awesome sauce vs. weak sauce
  4. hoverboard
  5. manspreading
  6. youtuber
  7. pocket dial
  8. phablet
  9. lolz
  10. emoji (Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year
  11. binge-watch (Collins Dictionary Word of the Year
Now check whether you were right or wrong. Click on "Closed Captions" to get the subtitles - not accurate, though, but helpful.

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