domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

A Teacher´s Plea for A Snow Day

Listen to this teacher´s parody of Adele´s `Hello´. She is praying for a snow day to stay at home and take a break from school. 

Try to follow the lyrics and see how much you can understand; check your listening comprehension with the lyrics below

 `Snow´Lyrics by Mary Morris

Snow, It’s me
I know we just got out for Christmas
But I’m ready for some more time
To myself, you see
So if you could come or day or two
Or maybe 23

Oh Snow, Can you hear me
I’m inside my classroom
Dreaming how it used to be

When we were younger, and free
I’ve forgotten how the snow felt as it crunched beneath my feet

We need a snow day, tomorrow
Or at least a good delay

If it’s got to be so cold
The least that it could do is snow
If I have to keep my students inside
One more time, for recess, I’m gonna lose my mind 

I love it when I get the call
That I don’t have to work at all
I can stay in bed
Watch Netflix all day
I can even spend it in my PJs
If I want

Snow, Where are you? (Back in class room) 
It’s so typical of me to ask
If you can get a move on
With the weather, you see
The kids are getting antsy
And it’s rubbing off on me

It’s no secret
that the both of us
Are running out of time


Take it from the teacher’s side
You won’t hear me apologize
But checking my cell phone
Every chance that I get
I get ready, slowly
Cause I’m holding my breath

There is no sound that’s so sweet
As hearing salt trucks on the street
I can sleep in all day
Until I wake up
We need not lots of snow days
But no so much that we have to make them up

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