martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Super Bowl Commercials 2016

You can watch the Super Bowl with very different things in mind: sports, music, commercials....

And commercials is what I choose  (I haven´t seen so many I like this year, though); here are some from Super Bowl 2016:

1. Oscar winner Helen Mirren teaming up with Budweiser to tell people to avoid drunk driving in order to protect their lives and the lives of others

2. Viewers are shown signs of domestic abuse

3. Jeep commercials, the first one is called `Portraits´

Click on CC to get the subtitles on both: 


4. Axe: Find your magic: No must-have, must-be, fashion norms or body standards. The most attractive man you can be is yourself. So find what makes you, you. Then work on it.

Click here to see other commercials from Super Bowl 2016

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