martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

It Could Have Been Worse

This of this sentence: "It could have been worse" and imagine a situation where it would fit. Can you think of any?

Now watch this ad and stop at 0.44. What do you think they are advertising?

This is the audio description of the ad:

Audio description of the film «It could have been worse»: A taxi driver drives with a goose in the back seat of his car. The goose honks and startles the driver. 

A man stands outside a bus shed waiting for the bus. Next to him is a donkey wearing a leading harness. A green bus stops and the back door is opened. The man tries to get the donkey to enter the bus, but the donkey refuses to budge.

A young woman is out shopping for clothes with her sheep, wearing a leading harness. The man working in the shop is observing them as the sheep lets its droppings role out onto the floor beneath a row of shirts.

Back to the taxi: The driver ducks down as the goose flaps its wings. Now we see there is a woman next to the goose, and that the goose wears a leading harness. 

A man is at the reception desk in a hotel talking to a female employee. He has an alpaca with a leading harness next to him. The man lets go of the leading harness while looking for something in his pocket. The alpaca notices its freedom and sets off out the door.

Back to the donkey refusing to enter the bus: The female bus driver has come to help the man. The donkey on the other hand, pulls the man with him in the opposite direction behind the bus shed. The driver shouts after him: "Does that usually end well?" "Oh, yes" the man says, as he hangs onto his guide donkey.

A maxi taxi has difficulties backing out into a busy street. We can see that it is difficult for the taxi driver to look out the window at the back. In one of the seats there is a woman, and behind her there is a big moose. There is a leading harness in one of the seats.

Back to the donkey and the bus: Three people have now come to help the man and the driver to get the donkey to enter the bus. All together they try to push the donkey in the back door of the bus, but the donkey still refuses to budge.

People are eating in a restaurant. At one of the tables there is a man and a woman. Next to them there is a big bull chewing hay. We can see that the waiter is cleaning bread crumbs off one of the tables. He then swings a clean, red table cloth over the table to put it on. The bull looks up, stops chewing and bellows. The waiter looks up from his table terrified. Then we hear the sounds of people shouting and glass breaking.

A woman is at a taxi stand with a golden Labrador wearing a leading harness sitting next to her. On the screen it is now written: "It could have been worse". We see the golden Labrador close up, then the text: "It is only a dog we would like to bring with us". The taxi driver opens the door for the woman, and her dog who is wagging his tail.

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