martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Song: Jain´s `Come´

Jain is French but she sings in English in this video

It is a happy song to celebrate the beautiful sunny days we are enjoying right now


Black burn. I am so alone
without you boy
now I 'm here
hanging out in the street
thinking about reactions over actions
walking on the sky of my dreams


Come,come,my baby come
I will show you the world
Come ,come, my baby come
I will cover your nightmares
Come,come,my baby come
I will love you forever
Come,come,my baby come
I will not let you go

My love, I just feel so lost
without you boy
I am yours even if time has passed
Take me away
from this impetuous world
leaving this jail of my mind

My soul,my soul is in Africa,with you boy

My soul, is in Africa with you boy
Looking at the stars
on this diamond sky
giving you my heart
so you can keep it on your mind
floating on your blazing eyes

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