martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Raymond Murphy´s `Grammar in Use´

Quite a few of our students and plenty of teachers (English language teachers included) are familiar with Raymond Murphy and his series of grammar reference books called`Grammar in Use´; in fact, for many of students of English these books are `Grammar Bibles´. 

These books are meant for autonomous learning, that is why they are easy to use: they have simple grammar explanations on the pages on the left - focusing on standard English but escaping from `grammar words´- and practice activities on the pages on the right, and the key is at the end of the book. Raymond Murphy had been working as a teacher for a few years before he wrote the first of these books  so he had a clear idea of what students needed. 

The video below is an interview with him. The interview was recorded last year on the 30th anniversary of the book. The video will be good listening practice: you know the topic (he speaks about the kind of things we speak about in our lessons) and he speaks slowly and clearly .  if you need help, you can add subtitles. I am sure you will learn a couple of things from this interview: about the evolution of the language about the differences between British and American English, about the way people learn English...

Thanks to `The English Blog´for the idea.

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