miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

`Good Speech´

Dear students, here you are trying to learn to speak `good English´and we, teachers, trying to teach you just that while native speakers of English have trouble understanding each other...

This is a video about the ways people can speak `non-standard Englishes´but be articulate (= expressing oneself readily, clearly, or effectively ): English will sound different if you are white, black, British, American

Choose the subtitles you need from the long list offered to you in the video

Jamila Lyiscott is a “tri-tongued orator;” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English,” she celebrates — and challenges — the three distinct flavors of English she speaks with her friends, in the classroom and with her parents. As she explores the complicated history and present-day identity that each language represents, she unpacks what it means to be “articulate.”

Transcript: click here.

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